Sstuwa General Agreement 2019

The State School Teachers` Union of Western Australia (SSTUWA) has reached a general agreement for their 2019 negotiations, bringing positive changes for both teachers and students.

The agreement includes a comprehensive pay increase for teachers, which will uplift not just their salaries but the entire educational system in Western Australia. This also highlights the government`s effort in recognizing the hard work and dedication of educators in the state.

Aside from salary increase, the agreement provides for an additional $10 million funding for teacher professional development and training. This is a significant investment that will have a lasting impact on the quality of education in Western Australia. Teachers will have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge, leading to better teaching strategies and higher student outcomes.

The agreement also takes into account the importance of the well-being of teachers, who are under immense pressure and stress in their roles. The introduction of additional teacher relief days is a testament to the government`s commitment to supporting teachers` mental health and reducing their workload.

Another noteworthy aspect of the agreement is the commitment to addressing workload issues and reducing administrative tasks. This will allow teachers to focus on their core duties of teaching and engaging with their students.

The SSTUWA General Agreement 2019 is a comprehensive and well-balanced deal that recognizes the importance of teachers in the education system. It provides necessary support to enhance the quality of education in Western Australia and acknowledges the dedication and hard work of teachers.

Overall, this is a positive development for education in Western Australia, and we can hope for further positive changes in the future.

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